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Welcome to the Attention Specialties website! Come on in! Take your shoes off and stay a while! We'd like to introduce ourselves. Attention Specialties is a Minnesota based promotional products company. We distribute nationwide, thousands of products that you can customize with your name or logo. Promotional gifts/awards for your employees, embroidered or screen printed apparel for the crew, giveaways for your tradeshow or coordinating fundraisers for organizations from start to finish. At Attention Specialties, our success is measured by yours, so we don't settle for ordinary. We insist upon excellence and originality. We have a saying around here: "We are not happy unless you are happy, and that's a promise." We'd like to show you what that means. Do you need some attention?

MAIN ENTRY: At٠ten٠tion

...applying the mind to an object of sense or thought...a focusing of consciousness and receptivity


Concentration - to bring or direct toward a common center or objective    

Cognizance - knowledgeable of something especially through personal experience

Consideration - continuous and careful thought

Here at Attention Specialties, these are the 3 C's we live by. When you work with us, your company's project will receive our utmost concentration, our cognizance of your goal or objective and the professional courtesy and consideration that you have earned and deserve. We are wholly committed to your success, as our success can only be measured by yours.


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    Case Study: These Calendars Aren't Week

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